The choice is always yours.

Our time, skill and experience are at your disposal in order to achieve your financial goals.


Discretionary investment management

Your portfolio is managed in accordance with your individual needs and our in-house investment strategy. We invest directly in equities, bonds and indirectly through collective schemes or other alternative vehicles with a constant awareness of the environmental, social and governance aspects of our role as a responsible global investor.

Investment advisory

TriLake Partners provides you with support in your investment process. You are the ultimate decision maker. Thereafter, we take care of all aspects of the transactions, from liaising with the bank to controlling the final execution costs.


We can provide you with a single unified report of all your different accounts/assets including non financial assets such as arts, jewelry, houses, land etc. Our in-house consolidation software can provide you with a tailor-made analytical reporting including performance report and cost analysis. You will also be able to integrate your non-bankable incomes such as property rentals.

Estate planning

We support you during the planning and structuring of your estate throughout your active lifetime and your retirement, as well as in preparing its transfer to the next generation.

Direct Investments

You can benefit from a number of global direct investment opportunities that we source  through our extensive global network.

How we work

Your assets are held and administered by a bank of your choice. Together, we assess your cash flow needs, risk tolerance and time horizon to implement the investment strategy best suited to achieve your personal objectives/financial goals. You choose how you want TriLake Partners to help you.

If required, we can assist you choosing the most appropriate private bank. We have long-standing and established relationships with most of the leading private banks and are always on the look-out for the best services available in the market.

Reputation and solidity of custodian banks, the level of service that they provide and – last but not least – their cost structure are key factors which must be considered. Obviously, we take these factors into account for all other third parties that we engage.

What are the advantages


Strong history and experience of our principals. Licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Bespoke Solutions

Each client’s portfolio reflects his personal goals, expectations and risk requirements.

Alignment of Interests

We act independently and are not beholden to any bank or product provider.


We understand and efficiently cater for the dynamic and ever changing needs of high-net worth individuals.


We monitor banks and management fees with full transparency.

Thanks to our strong relationship with multiple banks, our clients benefit from very competitive rates.