Our investment approach

We believe that each client has a unique set of circumstances and risk-return objectives. We add value by clarifying investment policy, building and managing your portfolio to maximize the chances that your wealth will be sufficient to achieve all your stated objectives.

Your portfolio is designed around your total assets, including those outside of TriLake’s purview. Our goal is to help you optimize your overall portfolio, regardless of whether we manage all or part of the assets.

Our quantified portfolio-centric approach imposes discipline on our decision-making process and liberates our client from undue worry over short term movements of rates and prices. It minimizes the compulsion to jump into over-exuberant markets and it clears the noise of tumultuous times to reveal valuable opportunities.

TriLake Partners - Wealth Managers - Singapore

Beyond how much risk you can tolerateor how much risk you can afford,we at TriLake Partners are more concernedwith how much risk you need to take.

A perfect equation

Together, we assess your cash flow needs, risk tolerance and time horizon to implement the investment strategy best suited to achieve your personal objectives/financial goals.

Your assets are held and administered by a bank of your choice. If required, we can assist you choosing the most appropriate private bank. We have long-standing and established relationships with most of the leading private banks and are always on the look-out for the best services available in the market. Reputation and solidity of custodian banks, the level of service that they provide and – last but not least – their cost structure are key factors which must be considered. Obviously, we take these factors into account for all other third parties that we engage.

TriLake Partners - Wealth Managers - Singapore

Management Mandate

TriLake Partners provides discretionary asset management and investment advisory services.


Through a Limited Power of Attorney, TriLake Partners gives trade instructions to the Bank.

Custody & administration

Client keeps full ownership and control of assets as the bank acts as custodian.