We believe in optimized risk, not the lowest risk; in customized portfolio, not model portfolio and in client relationship, not customer accounts.

After an in-depth analysis of your financial position, including an assessment of your risk profile and your specific family, tax and legal situation, we design an investment portfolio tailored to your own individual goals. We help you to optimize your overall portfolio, regardless of whether we manage all or part of it.

Discretionary Investment management

Your portfolio is managed in accordance with your individual needs and our in-house investment strategy. We invest directly in equities and bonds, and indirectly through funds and similar collective investment instruments.

Investment Advisory

TriLake Partners provides you with support in your investment process. We take care of all aspects of transactions, from liaising with the bank to controlling the final execution costs, while you remain the ultimate decision maker.

Direct Investments

With TriLake Partners you can benefit from a number of global direct investment opportunities that we source  through our extensive global network.

Tax Advisory

By working with a range of reputable tax advisors across multiple markets, we can ensure you get personalised tax planning services


We support you during the planning and structuring of your estate throughout your active lifetime and your retirement, as well as in preparing its transfer to the next generation. In addition, we provide advice on investment-linked life insurance products.

Portfolio Performance Reporting

We provide performance analysis reports of your investment portfolio that we manage and have the capability to generate a consolidated view of your overall assets with data sourced externally.

Outsourced CIO Office

We provide investment resources for family offices, wealth management firms or other organisations that do not want to establish or manage their own full-time CIO office. Our services include but are not limited to: asset allocation; security analysis and selection; investment committee meetings; regular market briefings; portfolio reviews and tactical recommendation; production of periodic market summaries, outlooks and newsletters.

VCC and other collective investment vehicles

We provide turnkey and cost-effective solutions for your investment vehicle needs. TriLake’s Variable Capital Company (VCC) structure is flexible and competitively priced. In addition, we can also run Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) through our various custodian banks for lower costs and quicker time to market.

TriLake Partners - Wealth Managers - Singapore

Our quantified portfolio-centric approach imposes discipline on our decision-making process and liberates our client from undue worry over short term movements of rates and prices.



We have a strong history and experience of our principles. We are licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).


We monitor banks and management fees with full transparency. Thanks to our strong relationship with multiple banks, our clients benefit from very competitive rates.


Your portfolio reflects your personal goals, expectations and risk requirements. We help you to optimize your overall portfolio, regardless of whether we manage all or part of it.


We act independently and are not beholden to any bank or product provider.


We understand and efficiently cater for the dynamic and ever changing needs of high-net worth individuals.


We believe that incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance factors into our investment thought process is beneficial to financial performance.